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Life Event Lending

Financial objectives aren’t one-size-fits-all. Michigan First Credit Union will allow you to navigate life’s moments. We now have that loan for every single dream and each need.

Our loans that are personal be applied for:

  • Life phases such as for example a wedding, a fresh infant, educational costs, or a home that is new
  • Unforeseen occasions such as for instance a medical procedure, the passing of someone you care about, the increased loss of a job, or automobile repairs
  • Living Your life that is best with house updates, travel, debt consolidation reduction, a new car, and on occasion even a motorboat

What’s life event loan anyway?

This is actually the loan can help you anything you want with (so long as it is legal). If approved, you’ll borrow a set amount and also have planned monthly premiums with an interest rate that is fixed. Rather than placing big costs on the bank card, using a loan that is personal provide you with reduced interest and predictable re payments.

Imagine if I don’t have stellar credit?

By having a Savings Secured Loan, you use your checking account as collateral to simply take away a loan at a reduced price. You are able to borrow such a thing from $500 as much as the total amount in your family savings. The Savings Secured Loan is excellent for those who need certainly to build their credit back up to be eligible for a bigger loan!

May I get a line that is personal of?

Yes, our Signature Line of Credit is a superb choice when you really need some more money.