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Dear relatives and buddies we now have collected here right now to joyfully acknowledge the marriage of groom and bride

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Before God we now have come together now, for wedding the most sacred of their desires, and today, through me personally, He joins you together in just one of the holiest of bonds.

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They usually have required your presence with this unforgettable event in an effort that you could share using them the pledging of these everlasting love with this day’s dedication. Why don’t we pray in silence even as we wish all of them the joy inside their new way life together.

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We now have collected right here in the presence of family and friends to join BRIDE and GROOM in Matrimony today.

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BRIDE, GROOM and their loved ones stretch a warm thank you for visiting every body.

These are typically elated that one could be here today because of this marriage celebration that is joyous.

We now have get together this time to uphold you, BRIDE, and you also, GROOM, as you exchange your vows of wedding.

We celebrate to you the love you’ve got found in one another, and now we help your final decision to carry on your life’s journeys together as wife and husband.

Wedding couple arrived together from variable backgrounds and experiences.