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Student finance: how exactly to use

You have studied before and your nationality how you apply depends on whether.

New pupils from England

Many full-time and students that are part-time use online to scholar Finance England.

Include your home earnings if required. Your partner or parent will soon be expected to verify these records.

You need if you cannot apply online, use the form finder to get the forms. You can easily call Student Finance England should you want to apply online however you cannot make use of some type of computer without assistance.

Continuing students from England

You’re a student that is continuing you will be:

  • moving on towards the year that is next of course
  • saying a 12 months of this exact same course or going back to a program after using break
  • moving onto a brand new program from your old course

There’s a process that is different you became a part-time pupil before 1 September 2012.

If you’re returning to learn after using break for individual reasons

There’s a different procedure if you’ve got examined for over 12 months before and you’re returning to your studies after stopping your program due to individual reasons. This might be for such things as you died if you were ill, pregnant, caring for someone or someone close to.

You need to additionally deliver a letter explaining why you suspended supporting evidence to your studies.

The page must consist of:

  • your client guide quantity for pupil finance
  • a description of the situation and exactly why you needed to suspend your studies

Supporting proof may include:

  • a letter from your own medical practitioner or services that are social headed paper
  • A letter from your college or university on headed paper
  • copies of death or birth certificates

You will need to deliver multiple bit of evidence you to show why you stopped your course if it helps.

You ought to deliver the letter and proof by post to scholar Finance England.