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National Law University, Delhi is a law university in India, offering courses at the undergraduate and levels that are postgraduate.

About the Seminar

National Law University, Delhi is organising a National Seminar on “Affordable Housing: Building Inclusive Society for the 21st Century India” scheduled on 18-19 October 2019 at National Law University Delhi.

Call for papers

Well researched original papers and case studies are invited from academics/scholars, researchers, bar & bench, non-state actors and buy essays online students.

Just one co-author is permitted. Co-author can be required to pay registration fees. All research papers will probably be scrutinized through blind writeup on Editorial Board. All papers shall be subjected to anti-plagiarism software ‘TURNITIN’. Selected papers can be published in the form of a written book with ISBN number.

  • Development and Challenges of Real Estate Business
  • Real Estate Property and Regulators
  • Dispute Resolution Mechanism when you look at the Realtor Industry
  • Digitization of Land Records and Effect on Real Estate Industry
  • Realtor industry: A Heaven for Tax Evasion
  • Real Estate Sector under Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • Home Loan Industry and Affordable Housing
  • Pradhanmantri Shahri Evam Gramin Awas Yozna
  • Affordable Housing Fund in National Housing Bank
  • Blockchain Technology and Transformation within the Real Estate Sector
  • Real Estate Developers and Affordable Housing Schemes
  • Affordable Housing and Inclusive Society: 21 st Century India
  • Affordable Housing in Smart Cities
  • Sustainable housing that is affordable

The above-mentioned themes are not exhaustive.

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Your Argumentative Essay: Exactly What To Not do!

Select Topics for Argumentative Essay

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