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Nearly all of our rate of interest choices likewise incorporate a patronage rebate which further minimises your effective rate of interest on your farming loan.
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Interest & Term Alternatives

Select from annual, semi-annual, quarterly or payment that is monthly and amortizations between 1-30 years. Our standard loans do not have balloon re payments and that means you defintely won’t be obligated to restore or refinance at a subsequent date whenever prices could possibly be greater.

Choose a pastime price choice that best fulfills your agricultural funding needs, or call us to find out more and present prices.


Adjustable prices for the farming loans depend on an amount of facets including our price of funds from a mixture of sources and competitive pricing information. The price is placed month-to-month, or less frequently if no modifications happen, and certainly will mirror trends that are general alterations in the amount of money market. Each of our adjustable price loans are fully-prepayable and amortized term loans could be changed into a fixed rate product at any time without price, permitting you freedom to respond to advertise conditions.