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About What the Bible States About Premarital Intercourse

I’ve heard it said that the Bible does not point out sex that is premarital a sin. You will find major implications for this on two amounts. One, you have the simple and easy essential concern of once you understand what is a sin and what exactly isn’t. Two, and much more notably, in case it is a sin (and exactly why) has huge ramifications on God’s general design for intercourse and exactly how males are to look at females and vice versa.

In the event that you type “premarital intercourse” or “sex before marriage” into your Bible that is english concordance there is nothing planning to show up. If you seek out “adultery,” a married person having intercourse with an individual who just isn’t their spouse, you’ll get all types of occurrences. Until you get married, then you’re locked into that one person from thereafter so I suppose this is where some get the idea that maybe sex is okay up.

That it often uses the word fornication, which means sex-before-marriage if you’re used to reading the King James Version, you’ll note. The NIV as well as other translations swap this out for the word immorality that is sexual which will be quite obscure and will not provide the area indicator that sex-before-marriage is just a sin.