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Current 100% Fundings. We recently aided the after customers

  • Preschool expanding to some other location – loan ended up being structured over 100% loan to value and included renovation charges for building to convert to pre-school because well as company debt consolidating
  • Chiropractor purchasing the building she had been leasing AND another practice that is nearby
  • IT firm purchasing the building it absolutely was leasing
  • Manufacturing business buying and renovating a building that is new $3.5 million transaction and ended up being theoretically 99% funding whilst the debtor had to emerge from pocket approx 1%. We had been additionally capable of getting this client a $150,000 credit line.
  • Karate class with a fantastic neighborhood after – ground up construction
  • Pharmacist investing in a building that is new
  • State Farm Insurance Agent purchasing a building across the street from where she ended up being leasing
  • Managed IT Service and Cloud company that is computing a building
  • Metal Fabrication business in Florida whose landlord ended up being offering the building that they had been leasing
  • Dentist building a fresh $5 million center through the ground up
  • Independent Child Care center going from leased area – ground up construction
  • CPA purchasing a bigger building
  • Fighting styles business buying bigger facility
  • Law practice going to bigger area
  • Fitness Gym and Tanning Salon with numerous renters – very nearly $4 million transaction additionally refinanced borrowers current financial obligation notably increasing income of company
  • Dentist buying building, refinancing training & gear debt and getting working money – total cost savings of $4500/month
  • Bar B Q restaurant for current company going to a more substantial area
  • Beauty salon moving from renting to having
  • Car Dealer purchasing home these people were leasing – small building + great deal.