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Half Hill Farm

Better health & well being from Woodbury, Tennessee

Half Hill Farm’s CBD Hemp Oil Half Hill Farm had been the initial certified farm that is organic grow commercial hemp within the state of Tennessee. We assisted alter state legislation to create the promising health benefits of CBD to the individuals and were one of the primary stores of CBD in Tennessee. Our company is now an authorized hemp grower, processor and permitted manufacturer creating quality CBD hemp oil complete range extract blends in 500mg, 1000mg, and 2500mg formulas and a 1000mg full range CBD hemp topical salve in addition to 500mg, 1000mg, and 2500mg 0% THC CBD oils.

Half Hill Farm is partnered with indoor growers in Tennessee to make quality, naturally grown commercial hemp. Our farm is focusing on creating an evaluation and processing lab with supercritical CO2 extraction in our FDA subscribed and state allowed manufacturing unit in Woodbury.

Our CBD hemp natural oils are CO2 extracted, blended and formulated in Woodbury and contain lower than 0.3% THC. Each batch is tested by third-party independent labs to guarantee quality and compliance.

Certificates of Analysis click on the rule below that matches the rule on your own bottle what is cbd to look at your certification of analysis.

Our retail rates:

  • 500mg CBD spectrum that is full hemp oil (1 drop = 1 mg) – $48
  • 1000mg CBD full spectrum extract hemp oil (1 fall = 2 mg) – $87
  • 2500mg CBD full spectrum extract hemp oil (1 fall = 5 mg) – $189
  • 1000mg spectrum that is full hemp salve (1 oz) – $48
  • 500mg CBD 0% THC CBD hemp oil (1 drop = 1 mg) – $45
  • 1000mg CBD 0% THC CBD hemp oil (1 fall = 2 mg) – $82
  • 2500mg CBD 0% THC CBD hemp oil (1 fall = 5 mg) – $180

Purchase our farm’s CBD Hemp Oil and other CBD items through our web store or at the next locations: