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Bride-to-be price re payment ended up being discovered appropriate to numerous older females and regarded as necessary by older guys.

For the males, it symbolizes the bond that is new families, and shows a kind of ownership or control of the girl. Guys justified arguing that re payment for intimate favors exists at a few degrees of intimate relationships, albeit in a way that is indirect. This is illustrated by one respondent:

Some type of present or financial change is necessary at the start of the connection “to cement” the relationship’. (Old guy, FGD)

Though participants identified some type of re payment had been typical, some more youthful individuals sensed this unsatisfactory. One respondent, a midwife that is traditional described it as ‘commoditization of sex.’ Women and men had been split about effectiveness of bride wealth during wedding rites in the present social and economic context. The women had been regarding the view that bride cost takes away their liberties and decreases them to things on the market, whoever value is the same as material or money products.