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The marriage in Aremenia includes the proposal associated traditons, engagement plus the wedding service it self.

The proposition is arranged in the meal held within the bride’s house. This tradition is recognized as “khosk-kap”.

The groom (“pessa”) arrives here with a few of their family relations and close friends. The member that is eldest of their family members really does the proposal.

The elders give the answer when you look at the bride’s household. Following a good solution everybody else drinks some tea.

The priest occurs. He blesses the few while the engagement bands. The place and time associated with wedding is placed. This tradition is known as “hghe ktrel”.

On a time ahead of the wedding groom’s cousins tradionally prepare trays (“sinis”) or baskets with different fresh fruit, sweets and gifts. Some of those presens could be the famous Armenian cognac.

A band called “sazandar” performs traditional music in his home.